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  • First class honours degree in Mathematics (University of Ceylon 1966)
  • DIC (Diploma of Imperial College) 1969
  • PhD (Theoretical Physics - Imperial College, University of London) 1972
  • FIA (Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries) 1977

The following is my biodata, as shown in the marketing literature pertaining to my business activities.

Dr Arjuna Sittampalam is a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries in the UK and holds a PhD in sub-nuclear Theoretical Physics from Imperial College, London.

Following spells in university teaching, actuarial work with Scottish Widows in Edinburgh and actuarial consulting, Dr. Sittampalam started his investment career in 1975 at Schroders, the leading merchant bank. He subsequently moved to Abbey Life (now part of Lloyds Abbey Life), where he established the international investment department and managed global bond and equity portfolios. He also held a supervisory role over the investments of Zwolsche Life in The Netherlands, sister company of Abbey Life, both then owned by ITT-Hartford Life in the US.

Following a move to Touche Remnant to establish fixed income management, Dr Sittampalam joined Swiss Bank Corporation's newly established institutional investment management operation in London. He held the position of head of investments and was also responsible for establishing Swiss Bank's operation in Ireland, which he headed. More recently, Dr Sittampalam was managing director of Sanwa International, the flagship merchant bank subsidiary of the world's fourth largest bank - Sanwa.

Dr Sittampalam's experience straddles banking, insurance and specialist fund management in an international spread of leading companies, and has given him insights into investment management from widely different perspectives. He has a special interest in derivatives and other innovative portfolio management techniques.

He has spoken at major international conferences and meetings to audiences worldwide in centres such as Geneva, Luxemburg, Amsterdam, Brussels, Sydney, and London and in addition has given courses of lectures to top financial institutions in Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia under the auspices of Banking Institutes of Singapore and Thailand and the Central Bank of Indonesia - 1988 to 1994.

He has contributed on investment matters to leading publications including Irish Institutional Investment Journal, Private Banker International, Investment Analyst (now The Professional Investor) and Sunday Business. He was also the editor at launch of 'Funds International', a global financial newsletter subscribed to by senior executives of large financial institutions worldwide.

Dr Sittampalam now runs his own investment company. In the last few years, Dr Sittampalam has advised leading global financial institutions on their investment management business strategy and operations. As a consequence, one of these, a leading house in Germany, tripled their assets under management from 15bn to 50bn from 1997 - 2000.

He has written two books on the industry, published by The Lafferty Group, a leading International provider of financial services intelligence and analysis:

  • Coming Wars in Investment Management
  • Evolving Techniques in Investment Management
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